Risk Assessment


ACL/lower leg injury screening

Image from FIFA 11+ cards
Image from FIFA 11+ cards

These exercises have been widely studied in assessing injury risk in the lower extremity.  Loss of upper body control, hip sway and the knee collapsing medial are positive makers.  Phase one prevention activities focus on control of lower leg alignment and core stabilization. The following tests can also be used to assess the athletes controllable risk factors for injury. Each intervention is evaluated and scored for trunk stability, hip control, knee medial rotation and ankle stability.

Double Leg Squat

Jump Squat

Focus on knee tracking over the shoe laces in both the loading pre jump phase and the landing phase.  Collapsing knee mechanics are seen with lack of hip control, ankle control.

Single Leg Squat

The latest research published in the October 2015 issue of manual therapy further supports how strength training and neuromotor retraining correct the single leg squat.

Step Down Test

Knee should track over the shoe laces, hips should remain stable with limited upper body sway or loss of balance.  Initial testing done without added hand weights as seen in video.