Dartfish Running Assessments


Run Assessments and Coaching using Dartfish:

$100 initial session.   *May be covered by insurance in cases of injury evaluation.

Proper Forefoot Running Style

With Dartfish we can track joint ankle progressions through the running cycle to evaluate proper mechanics given the selected style of running.

Rearfoot Strike Pattern Assessment

Example of a typical rearfoot strike pattern:

We evaluate ankle, knee hip and trunk ankles throughout the gait cycle. The speed at which joint motion occurs is critical in properly dissipating and absorbing forces. Dual view evaluation allows us to not only evaluate joint angles but detect the speed at which the segments are moving into and out of each phase which is where must injuries occur.

Example evaluative techniques Using Dartfish.
rh lateral angles 3
Typical heel strike pattern: Foot strike well in front of center of mass, Knee in relative extended position and increased foot angle of inclination on heel contact.
M vs J Hip 1
PELVIS STABILITY: Increased lateral hip drop may indicate lack of hip and trunk stabilization, or excessive pronation moment in the foot. Potential injuries: ANKLE- shin pain, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis. KNEE- meniscal strain, ITB syndrome, patellofemoral pain. HIP and SPINE- anterior lateral and buttocks pain, lower back pain.

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