Hip Mobility


How/Why You Need to Improve Hip Mobility

by Myles Cheatham

Hip mobility is a necessity for everyone. Mobility of the hips can be important  when performing everyday movement such as bending down to pick up your child or even more intense movements such as squatting or running. In addition to improvement in performance Foot grab to hingeand everyday movement, it can also assist in injury prevention. Below,  we have included some helpful exercises and stretches to help improve your hip mobility.

Knee Tuck with Toe Raise

  • Maintain a straight back and stable core the entire time.


  • Tuck the knee as close to the chest as possible as you toe raise.

Toe Touch to Overhead Squat

  • As you perform the toe touch keep the knees slightly bent.
  • Track the knee in line with the foot as you perform the downward phase of the squat.
  • Keep the arms directly overhead as you perform the upward phase of the squat.

 Hip Mobility Lateral Squat

  • Track knee and hips in line with the foot.
  • Load through the heels as you perform the downward phase of the squat.
  • Feet should be pointed straight ahead at all times.

 Foot Slide

  • Maintain a straight back and stable core
  • Drive  knees forward to chest.
  • Do not curve back as you drive your knees forward.

Quadruped Leg Extension from Elbows

  • Maintain stable core and back.
  • Extend the leg back to a 90 degree angle and be sure to engage the glute.
  • Try not to curve the lower back as you extend the leg.

 Foot Grab Hip Hinge

Foot grab with Hinge 1 Foot grab to hinge

  • Flex the leg back as if you are performing a quad stretch.
  • Keep core and back upright.
  • As you hinge forward keep the hips in line with the floor


  • Slight bend the knees as you hinge forward.

Backward Step with Reach

  • Keep core and back engaged
  • Hips should be parallel with the ground
  • Be sure to fully extend the back leg as you hinge forward.
  • Be sure to engage the glutes as you extend the back leg.


Straight Leg Raises

  • Lower back should remain in contact with the ground at all times.
  • Palms should remain flat on the ground as well.
  • Lowering phase should be slow and controlled.


Army Crawl

  • Back should be straight as you crawl. There should be little to no curvature in the back.
  • Remain on your hands and toes.
  • Keep core engaged
  • Bring leg to 90 degrees as you laterally flex forward.


Hip Extension

  • Push hips toward the ceiling.
  • Keep hands flat on the ground.
  • You should be engaging the glutes and hamstrings as you extend.



Windshield Wipers

  • Keep back and shoulders on the ground at all times.
  • The still leg should not be moving as you rotate.
  • Make sure that the movement is slow and controlled through in both directions of rotation.


Over and Under the Fence

  • Step laterally as if stepping over an imaginary fence.


  • Both feet should be facing straight ahead.



 Backward Lunge Hands Overhead

  • Both knees should be bent as you perform the lunge.
  • Hands should reach directly overhead as you lunge.
  • Keep front leg extended as you perform the stretch.



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