Split Squat Progressions

Split Squat Progressions

by: Myles Cheatham

You may ask yourself…”Why do I need to strength train, I am a runner?” The real question should be, “I am a runner, why haven’t I been strength training?” The split squat is certainly a great exercise to incorporate into your training as a runner. Anyone who performs the split squat will experience a number of benefits including injury prevention through the strengthening of ligamentous tissue, core and stability strength, improved running and jumping performance. The following videos are some basic examples of how the split squat can be progressed. All exercises should be performed for 3 sets and 8-10 repetitions.

The Static Lunge

The static lunge involves a traditional lunging motion. You begin the movement from the ground with back knee resting on a balancing saucer. Slowly raise up approximately six inches from the ground and hold the position for 5 seconds Use this as a warmup and focus on knee control tracking the knee in line with the 2nd toe. The knee should not move toward the middle inside the big toe.

Goblet Reverse Lunge

The goblet lunge is performed similarly to the traditional lunge, however the only difference is that you will be holding a dumbbell perpendicular to the ground at chest level. A balancing saucer should be placed on the ground directly under the back knee. Weight is loaded on the front and not the shin stays relative perpendicular to the ground.

Split Squat

This exercise is performed with the back foot placed on a bench or some sort of platform so that it is at about the same level as your front knee. Hands can be tucked behind the head as seen in the video. Bend the front leg until the back knee barely touches the ground.

Dumbbell Split Squat

The dumbbell split lunge is performed exactly like the traditional split (previous video), but you now will have two dumbbells hanging at your sides.

Plyometric Split Squat

The plyometric split lunge begins in the same position as a regular split lunge, but now you will be exploding from the front leg and being sure to come down softly on the landing.

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